Using ROS with Naoqi — A Simulation

The video linked below is an implementation of using ROS (Robot Operating System) to simulate a walking behavior for the Nao Humanoid Robot.

Watch it in HD. Vimeo link: [The embedded video isnt very clear, even in fullscreen]

The following results were achieved on an iMac (OS X Mountain Lion 10.8) running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise) 32-bit on Virtualbox with ROS Fuerte.

Later, while having fun, I made Nao to go into a random “Oh No!” position by publish a message to joint_angles topic:

This is a snippet of how it was done:

rostopic pub -1 /joint_angles nao_msgs/JointAnglesWithSpeed '{header: {frame_id: "test", seq: 200}, joint_names: ["LAnklePitch", "RAnklePitch"], joint_angles: [0, 0], speed: 1}'

I did that repeatedly for various joint_names until I was satisfied with the position I had achieved.


  1. ROS Fuerte Installation on Ubuntu 12.04
  2. Getting started with ROS for the Nao, including NAOqi and rviz
  3. nao_driver package details

click tracking


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