How did I fail? Why did I fail?

Ok, this is my first blog post (if you don’t consider the introductory first one).

I have tried hard and I mean very hard to find something substantial, something important, something worthy to blog about. Only some days ago, after I got my first backlog (which means that I failed in one course in my final year of undergraduate program), I finally got something I thought I would like to blog about.

So, this is not the opinion of a depressed student trying to get over his failure by blogging about it. I do not come from the Zuckerberg family. I am not a die hard blogger.

So coming to the point, I have to say that even after failing a course in a very crucial year does not seem to make me nervous. I know this cavalier attitude might jeopardize my chances of getting into Tata Consultancy Services, the company I got placed with. So why am I not nervous?

Lemme give you a brief background on why I failed that course. Continue reading