ILP @ TCS, Pune – My thoughts

When I joined TCS, I was just sad. It was because none, I meaning absolutely none, of my college friends were gonna be there with me. New environment, new people always made me nervous. But now I have realized, if I had any of my college friends with me, I would never have made such awesome friends here. What a 3-month journey it has been! Learning new technologies, all the impromptu presentations, all the long hours of coding and testing, the weekends, the trip to Janjira, the absolutely absolutely fantabulous birthday bash, the *internal* awards ceremony that we had and finally the lazy dance we did on the valedictory function. Ohh boy, I am gonna miss all this. Although I will miss not being around every person of the P29 batch, there are some people who have carved a special place in my heart.

A big thank you goes to Jyoti, Jahnavi for being such great mentors and to Sananda for being so *cool*.

Now that the training is over I dont know if we will ever get to be together in the same ODC again, or chat over cubicles, or have hot chocolate on the 7th floor, or celebrate birthdays on the 1st floor of Zunka, or do birdwatching in other batches (i am pretty sure we’ll find a way to do this :P).

I am not sure what the future has in store for us. But I know, this is not the end. This is just the beginning of a brilliant future @TCS!

Love you all!

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How did I fail? Why did I fail?

Ok, this is my first blog post (if you don’t consider the introductory first one).

I have tried hard and I mean very hard to find something substantial, something important, something worthy to blog about. Only some days ago, after I got my first backlog (which means that I failed in one course in my final year of undergraduate program), I finally got something I thought I would like to blog about.

So, this is not the opinion of a depressed student trying to get over his failure by blogging about it. I do not come from the Zuckerberg family. I am not a die hard blogger.

So coming to the point, I have to say that even after failing a course in a very crucial year does not seem to make me nervous. I know this cavalier attitude might jeopardize my chances of getting into Tata Consultancy Services, the company I got placed with. So why am I not nervous?

Lemme give you a brief background on why I failed that course. Continue reading